2024 Notary Fees

Set in accordance to Oregon State Law

Per notarized signature, per each notarial act

Administering Oath or Affirmation

Without signature

Certifying Copy of Document
Taking Verification Upon Oath or Affirmation
Witnessing or Attesting a Signature
Document Package Fee
Document Packages Requiring Notarization

Real Estate Loan Packages such as: Purchase/Seller/Refinance/Reverse Mortgages/Commercial. Rates varies depending on the package - call for a quote

Last Will & Testament and Advance Medical Directive

Copies of Documents

Per page

Travel Fee
Mobile Travel Fee

Home, office, hospital or public venue within 5 mile drive of my location. Call for quote for travel fee beyond five mile drive time.

Waiting Fee
Wait Time

Per hour, billed after initial 15 minute wait, at 15 minute increments

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